A stable, well-characterized and high-titer microbial cell line is an essential element for manufacturing the therapeutic protein.


Okmed Biotech can provide robust cell line development service, including vector design and construction, host cell transfection and the selection and characterization of stable transfectants.


During the cell line development process, Okmed performs following steps to reach high growth rates and the productivity of cell lines for therapeutic protein production:


• Analysis and verification of DNA sequence to ensure sequence identity between biosimilar and the reference drug

• Sequence and codon optimization

• Construct synthetic gene

• Selection of promoter

• Construction and optimization of expression vectors

• Cloning of gene of interest into the optimized vector

• Transfection of host cells using non-viral methods

• Generation and selection of the most suitable host cell line

• Gene amplification for increased productivity

• Subcloning and characterization of cell lines

• Expression stability screening

• Generation of a tested research cell bank (RCB).

• Final reports/documentation for history of clones generation and source of cells



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