Okmed Biotech provides various biosimilar development services including stable microbial cell line development for high productivity and scalable manufacturing process. Our company can develop efficient and robust upstream and downstream processes. Optimization of each process is performed by our company to reach the highest possible yields. Analytical methods are developed in order to determine product titer and characterize protein’s physicochemical properties prior to non-clinical studies.


For more detailed information about our capabilities:

Microbial Cell Line Development

Upstream Process Development

Downstream Process Development

Analytical Methods

We can develop stable, well-characterized and high-titer microbial cell line to reach high growth rates and the productivities.

We can provide robust, efficient and scalable upstream process for high cell productivities.

Okmed Biotech can develop robust, cost-effective and scalable purification processes for both soluble protein and inclusion bodies.

We can develop and perform analytical methods to meet your protein’s analytical needs.

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